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Cefni German Shepherd Rescue
Cefni German Shepherd Rescue
*** PLEASE SHARE THIS POST*** PLEASE DONATE TO OUR CAMPAIGN WE CAN HELP MANY MORE DOGS INTO OUR CARE - without your on-going support we are so limited on what we can and cant do, and we are just like you, always wanting to help many more dogs into their forever homes, and this way we will have the correct kind of vehicle to help transport dogs, as well as help other rescues and dog owners/handlers. If you have facebook, twitter and Instagram please feel free to share we must reach as many people as possible to be able to achieve our target. We are desperately wanting to fund a Nearly New Rescue Dog Van, which we will be able to transport even more dogs into our kennels in a safe environment, also we will be able to help other rescues, and dog owners/handlers if they needed to move a dog for whatever the reasons. We would like to be able to house a min of 4 german shepherds in a comfortable space, in secure and professionally installed crates in the rear of the van, which are also certified by DEFRA for transporting dogs in a clean and safe environment. With this in mind we would also need an area to be able to store leads, collars, bowls, towels, water containers and some food too for long journeys. Please help us to reach our target and be able to help much more dogs into our care - our target is 3months. Please contact us if you wish to discuss further - Crowdfunding is a safe and secure way of donating to the campaign.
Timeline Photos
Timeline Photos
2017-03-24 21:00:00
Cefni German Shepherd Rescue
Cefni German Shepherd Rescue
We have had a suggested EDIT for the address of the rescue - as at the moment I do not advertise where the rescue is - Reasons for this: We have people turning up at my private home address wishing to view the kennel dogs - not taking into consideration it is a private residence NOT the kennels where we board our dogs at. We have had members of the public threatening to "dump" or "tie their dogs" to the gate of the property middle of the night if we were unable to take their dog in... No dogs are available to be viewed at the home address where I live. You can not drop off your dog here to be rehomed at my home address either. So to stop this happening the home (office) address is not posted on this page. If people wish to correspond with the rescue, wishing to send anything or write into the rescue you are welcomed to Message the page or email us and request the address - this we have no problems with at all. As usual we have the handful of Trolls which raise their heads now and again, must be bored and feel a need to jump back on and pick away at something which is of no concern to them. We will yet again if we have to, involve the police if any further Trolls wish to carry on with their nonsense. We are far too busy trying to rehome dogs to be playing the childish games which these Trolls seem to enjoy doing... The Rescue's Solicitor has a list of ALL People and a couple of businesses which has caused problems, trouble, slated and slandered the Rescue in the past 7years, and we will not hesitate in pursuing these Trolls if it continues again. It certainly is not constructive and does not help in any way of rehoming a dog by constantly festering away trying to get a reaction from us. By sending snide comments anonymously onto the Page it is STILL traceable ! just keep this in mind every movement you make online there is a footprint of it recorded! Cefni GSD Rescue
2017-03-24 20:15:41

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