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Cefni German Shepherd Rescue


Rehoming a german shepherd Policy



    We have the right to withdraw the rescue dog from your care if we are instructed the dog’s welfare is at risk or you have not neutered the dog within the 3months time scale *unless under veterinary instruction - evidence will be required.

    You agree too:
    Abide by all Dog Laws in the UK
    Neutering of your dog *if applicable
    Providing suitable medical treatment when needed
    Keeping all inoculations upto date
    Making sure your dogs microchip details are kept upto date with your correct contact details.

    Quick run down on common issues which will fail a homecheck -

    Fences/walls/Boundaries being under 5/6ft - we are alittle more lenient if the dog is alot older.

    You must have a fully secure garden or yard which the dog has access too.

    No shared access or communal gardens, front doors etc.

    No flats which are higher than 1st floor (must be on ground floor)

    The dog is not to be left for longer than 4hours at a time on a regular basis.

    You must agree to our neutering policy - if you do not agree to neutering a dog then a rescue dog is not for you *unless medical issues or age restrict being neutering. Having a castrated male does not make the dog half the dog.......and a spayed female does not make the dog depressed from not having a litter...

    You must be able to afford to feed your dog, provide suitable medical treatment for your rescue dog as well as abide by all animal welfare acts.

    We ask you to give the dog a min. 4-6 weeks to start to settle in - you can not expect a new rescue dog to slot into your routine/requirements within hours of taking it home.

    We are strict on ages of children majority of our dogs are to live with *this will always be stated on our website what the youngest the dog will be allowed to be around. PLEASE respect our policies they are put in place for a reason and we can only enforce it until the dog is adopted then it is upto the new legal owner then to make sure the dog does not put anyone at risk. If someone is hurt you will be liable for any costs/damages etc.



    Our commitment to you and your dog:
    We offer a full lifetime back-up support for your rescue dog - if you need help with any issues you come across,training help, health problems, advice, food problems - we also include taking your dog back into our care if you can no longer look after him/her for what ever the reason *depending on kennel/foster space available. 

    We provide all adopted dogs 30 days free pet insurance with Petplan. Unless you are financially secure we do try and ask you to insure your adopted dog with a reputable pet insurance, this can save you alot of money if the dog was ever to become ill or was involved in an accident. It also covers you and your dog if the dog was to hurt another animal or human, which is something many people forget, you could be sued for thousands of pounds. We recommend Petplan, their reputation is one of the best Pet Insurances on the market, they pay direct to your vet and have numerous options of insurance to suit your budget. Please do not risk thinking you can afford medical costs ~ a small skin issue can cost 100's of pounds, a broken leg can go into the thousands...*subject to stock

    We supply a complimentary Royal Canin Rescue pack, which will provide you with information, food sample and a voucher to be redeemed to be able to have a 3.5kg sack of GSD Royal Canin dog food worth over £20. We ask you register the pack online or over the phone and this will gain points for the rescue to be able to provide dog food for our kennel/foster dogs. *subject to stock

    Support for Adoption with Pets At Home provides you with a complimentary 10% off any item from Pets at Home Store within the UK. *subject to stock

    Official certificate of adoption from the rescue for your adopted dog, with history on your dog (if no history available you will be provided with a run down on how the dog was found as a stray and a breakdown on the duration of its stay in kennels.

    Any medical history obtained from a previous owner will be readily available for you to pass onto your vet if required. If no history is available, we will provide as much information as possible, this is very limited at times if the dog was picked up as a stray.

    There will be some other discounted leaflets for your own interest enclosed *subject to stock

    We will provide all the above in a folder with any inoculation documents, microchip paperwork etc so all the dog's information is safe in 1 place. In the folder will also be contact information for the rescue if you need help in the future with any issues/problems.

    There will be future options which you can purchase keyrings, mugs, clothing, bags etc with your adopted dog's photo on it if you require *please discuss this with us.

    Please think long and hard before submitting your application form to us - we have many people who apply to us for adopting one of our amazing dogs but do not take the time in reading through our policies and requirements, as well as setting their heart on 1 specific dog.
    If you are interested in only 1 dog, please make sure you have read all the information on the dog, and that you fullfill the requirements which we need ie. some dogs can NOT live with other dogs, some dogs can not live with younger children... All this kind of information will be stipulated on our website on the dog's listing.

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