Cefni German Shepherd Rescue | Volunteer's German Shepherds and what they can live with
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Volunteer's German Shepherds and what they can live with



German Shepherds - Can they live with other animals and children ?
Cefni Volunteers with their beloved dogs living with cats, birds, furries and of course children
As we know millions of dogs of all breeds can live in harmony with other animals in the household, we are forever asked how is this possible....? Relaxed atmosphere and plenty of positive training can achieve even the most difficult of goals! Of course there are some dogs with extreme aggression and this would need to be either dealt with and not putting the dog in the situation which stresses the dog or sends the dogs anxiety through the roof or positive training is put into practise, plenty of patience and buckets of treats! Dogs living with others dogs, small, medium and large sized dogs, can all live in harmony together - but always take into consideration some dogs will not get on with others due to a previous issue, most times it is due to being attacked or hurt when a pup and certainly never forgets this incident, most times this issue will progress into a grevience against other dogs and certainly towards a certain breed of dog or size of dog. So we suggest to always listen to any previous history you may be given about a dog, as this certainly needs to be taken into account and understood incase any issues do arise in the future.
Volunteer's german shepherds living with other dogs
Birds, cats and small furries
 more photos being loaded shortly
German Shepherds living with our volunteers and their children
German shepherds living happily along side horses

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