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Gencon Head Collar

  Do you get frustrated when walking your dog and it's just pull, pull, pull like a steam train with the end result being an aching arm and shoulder? 

The Gencon All-in-1 Headcollar and Lead (the latest recommendation from our dog trainer) is the answer. The Headcollar simply loops around your dogs nose and neck (through a ring at the side). When your dog pulls the Headcollar tightens, ensuring your dog backs off from the restriction, in other words STOPS PULLING! 

This gentle action is from the side of the head and does not pull your dogs head round. The Headcollar will not ride up into your dogs eyes (a common problem with some Headcollar designs). Only gentle pressure is required - do not jerk.

Manufactured from excellent quality fabric with rounded edges and thicker tape. Easy to handle, gentle on your dog, whilst still remaining flexible.

Owing to the design, one size fits all and the headcollar is designed to walk your dog on the left which is generally the preferred side for dog training. We currently stock the black colour only.

NOTE: If you have 2 dogs and want to walk one on each side, we would recommend the Dogmatic headcollar for the dog that walks on the right hand side.   


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