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Quistel Soothing Ear Cleaner


Soothingly assists with the loosening and expulsion of accumulated dirt and ear wax which become a major source of irritation to most mammals. 
Disinfects When applied according to the Instructions for Use, Quistel’s Soothing Earl Cleaner will penetrate even the smallest mammalian ear canal. 
The Quistel Soothing Ear Cleaner is a Victorian alcohol based formulation which includes Gentian Violet and Boric Acid.

Available in a handy squeezable 50ml sized bottle with applicator nozzle. 

Instructions for Use 

Warm the bottle of Quistel Soothing Ear Cleaner in a cup of warm water for 5 minutes. 
Shake the bottle vigorously for 2 minutes before each application 
Remove nozzle cap, insert nozzle in the ear and squeeze container until the ear canal is flooded with the solution 
Gently massage around the ear for 30 to 50 seconds then allow your pet to shake its head which will loosen the earwax, allow the solution to penetrate the canals fully and disperses any excess solution. 
Initially administer twice a day for up to 2 weeks depending on the severity of the condition. Then once a day for the next one to two weeks.

For best results administer monthly thereafter.

NOTE: Please administer in appropriate surroundings as this high quality product may stain 


50ml - Price: £7.50

150ml - Price: £16.75

500ml - Price: £36.95

* discount if more than 2 are purchased the same time.

To place an order please call 0789 488 1484 or email enquiries@rescuegermanshepherd.com

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