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What do you think when you look at these pictures?  Awful?  Sickening?  Sad?  upsetting?……………….. Imagine how they feel!


Dog baiting in the UK happens…………FACT!


Thousands of dogs, puppies, cats and kittens are given away as ‘FREE TO GOOD HOME’ each and every week.


This is why it is important to put a price on your pet and check out potential new homes. 


Your pet relies on you for food, for company, for exercise and relies on you to protect him from ending up in the hands of a dog fighter!


Your ‘FREE TO GOOD HOME’ pet isn’t used in dog fights - they are used as bait dogs - they are used to give fighting dogs the taste for blood - they are used so that fighters can assess how much training their fighting dog needs. 


Your ‘FREE TO GOOD HOME’ pet, may not be killed in these baits by another dog, but they WILL suffer horrendous injuries which will eventually cause a very slow and painful death.  Your ‘FREE TO GOOD HOME’ pet will not see a vet, it will not be prescribed pain relief, it will just die painfully and alone!


Still thinking of offering your pet as ‘FREE TO GOOD HOME’??




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