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The process of rehoming your dog with Cefni GSD Rescue:


We await your rehoming form which you must complete on our website


As soon as form received from you, we ask a volunteer to assess your dog


Once the assessment paperwork is returned, we discuss with you how we can help and what options are available


There are 3 options:

Your dog is kept with you until a suitable home is sourced.

Your dog is kenneled if we have room at our kennels   ***CURRENTLY FULL WITH WAITING LIST OF MIN. 2MONTHS***

Your dog is placed in suitable foster care if available.  *** NO EMPTY FOSTER CARERS ***


As blunt as this sounds - we have many many dogs all in need of rehoming and your dog will not take any priority over any other of our dogs, so please do not threaten us, our volunteers or tarnish our excellent reputation as you were not willing to keep hold of your dog and rushed into decisions which are beyond our control.

We will help with your situation as quickly and thoroughly as possible.


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All volunteers are unpaid and contribute their time and knowledge free of charge to the rescue, their dedication is priceless

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