Cefni German Shepherd Rescue | Meet some of our volunteers
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Meet some of our volunteers


Volunteering for a dog rescue is very rewarding, although at times very upsetting, hard work, tiring, emotionally draining, but the unconditional love you have in return from the dog you are helping, even if its just a lick of your hand or a big full on kiss on the lips (not for the faint-hearted).


We have rescued and rehomed 100's of dogs and it is on-going, we take calls daily now for german shepherds which are in need of being rehomed, we have a queue for dogs to come into our care, we hate to say no and at times we have too, we dread to think what happens to the dog then, but we do try and offer our help or point them to another reputable rescue who may have space to squeeze one more in.


We run solely on donations, all adoption fees and kindly donated items are all used purely for foster and kenneled dogs. We make no profit at all, as the donations are coming into the rescue they are already spent paying our 100's of pounds kennel bills a month, the food costs, medical costs the list is endless. We aim to try and buy a rescue van this year but this is highly unlikely whilst the rescue is so busy with the unwanted german shepherds.


We have monthly events up and down the UK and hopefully we will be doing this in Ireland middle of this year onwards. The events range from monthly meet and greet events at our kennels, fundraising events, car-boots, rock night, sponsored crazy stunts our volunteers are kindly putting themselves through just for the dogs.


Here is a small group photo from our May 2012 'meet and greet open day' i South Yorkshire with one of our lovely boys "Chilli"


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All volunteers are unpaid and contribute their time and knowledge free of charge to the rescue, their dedication is priceless

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